Micro-Unet: a light Deep-based architecture for brightfield image segmentation

13 December 2021 par Aymeric Histace [TheChamp-Sharing]
Clara Brémond introduces "Micro-Unet" architecture for brightfield image segmentation during GDR ISIS workshop.

On 26th of November, Clara Brémond, PhD Candidate in CELL team with Witsee partner (CIFRE), gave a presentation at the GDR ISIS Workshop “Vers un apprentissage pragmatique dans un contexte de données visuelles labellisées limitées”.  It was an opportunity to introduce her very last research work entitled “Micro-Unet: a Light Segmentation Architecture for Small Microscopy Datasets of Cerebral Organoid Bright Field Images”.  Full program and info can be found here: http://intranet.gdr-isis.fr/index.php?page=compte-rendu&idreunion=462