PhD Student Club

The PhD Student Club (aka graduate student association) aims to promote the integration of PhD students in ETIS and to participate in its scientific life by organizing events and seminars. The Club is managed by a few PhD students from ETIS at Saint-Martin (Louis Annabi) and ETIS at ENSEA (Clara Brémond, Théo Serru).
The Club organizes outings or casual online meetings on a regular basis in order to create interactions between PhD students coming from a range of research groups.
We also hold a Journal Club twice a month, open to the whole lab and whose topic alternates between the various research themes at ETIS.
Finally we organise an annual PhD students all-day conference, an opportunity for every PhD student to present her work to a large audience in the form of short talks followed by a poster session.


Louis Annabi:

Clara Brémond:

Théo Serru:

PhD students can find more ressources on the wiki, contact us to get access

Upcoming event

Journal Club:

23/04/2021 – Cecilia Tarpau and Ishak Ayad: Deep learning-based artifact suppression for limited-angle tomography

07/05/2021 – Louis Regnacq: Presentation of “Tutorial: a computational framework for the design and optimization of peripheral neural interfaces” (available here)

Recent journal club talks are:

Mar 12th 2021 – Mathieu Goriot presenting: Automatic medical prescription generation (link to the article)

Feb 26th 2021 – Clara Brémond presenting:
DeblurGAN-v2: Deblurring (Orders-of-Magnitude) Faster and Better
(link to the article)

Jan 29th 2021 – Marie-Morgane Paumard:
Reconstructing archaeological puzzles using Deep Learning

Jan 8th 2021 – Xuan Son Nguyen: Deep Learning on the symmetric positive definite matrices manifold

Dec 11th 2020 – Théo Serru: Importance Sampling for dependability analyses

Nov 6th 2020 – Louis Annabi: Predictive Coding approximates Backprop on arbitrary computation graphs