21 May 2020

Security Specification and Evaluation in Pluridisciplinary Systems

Séminaire de l'équipe ICI - Samir Ouchani, Ecole d'Ingénieur CESI, Aix-en-Provence


Pluridisciplinary systems are complex by controlling and integrating entities of various natures: physics, information, computational, network elements that are combined to execute a precise task. At this level of complexity, the main difficulty in analyzing this type of system relies in modeling each component separately as well as the way in which the various components inter-operate especially with the existing of an important number of connected low-energy nodes or human/social factor.

This talk aims to answer these problems by proposing a formal and practical framework where it is possible to model different aspects of components, their connectivity, and to assess how well they are secure. First, the talk details the modeling aspect and the formalization of these systems, and present the dedicated analysis approach. Then, it introduces a mechanism to specify and to constraint security in such system. Farther, I take this opportunity to present my ongoing research activities.

Short biography

Samir Ouchani received the PhD degree in 2013 from the department of Computer Science & Computer Engineering, Concordia University, Canada. Since 2017, he is enseignant-chercheur at CESI Engineering High School (Aix-en-Provence, France) and focuses on developing and applying formal methods as well as data mining to design, analyze, and harden security in large-scale systems. His research interests are: computer security, software engineering, formal methods, and data mining. Samir’s ongoing research activities look to develop techniques to strengthen security and detecting flaws on interdisciplinary systems such as: cyber-physical systems and inter-connected objects.

21 May 2020, 13h3014h30