08 November 2021

Towards Context Aware 6G Security: The Role of Physical Layer Security

Prof. Arsenia (Ersi) Chorti (ETIS, UMR8051, CY Cergy Paris Université, ENSEA, CNRS) will give an interesting technical talk on Monday, November 8, at 4:00 PM Paris/6:00 PM UAE/9:00 AM EDT entitled “Towards Context Aware 6G Security: The Role of Physical Layer Security” as part of the award-winning IEEE UAE Distinguished Seminar Series program.


In sixth generation (6G) systems, sensing and artificial intelligence (AI) will enable reaching context awareness, which in turn can drive adaptation of the security controls in the Quality of Security (QoSec) framework and enable introducing security controls at all layers, including the PHY. In this talk we focus on this latter aspect and discuss recent results from the area of physical layer security (PLS) as the first line of defense for the radio access network. We will begin with a discussion on the dual role of the wireless medium as the means for node authentication (through high precision localization) and as a source of entropy (for symmetric secret key generation). Subsequently, recent results on the confidentiality / privacy that is attainable with practical finite length wiretap codes will be reviewed. Finally, turning our attention to cross-layer anomaly detection for Internet of things (IoT) networks, centralized and distributed anomaly detection algorithms – monitoring both the network and the hardware layers – will be presented for software defined wireless sensor networks. Future directions and discussion on the potential role of PLS technologies as an integral part of the 6G security toolbox, will be conclude this talk.

Short Biography

Arsenia (Ersi) Chorti is a Professor at the École Nationale Supérieure de l’Électronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA), Head of the Information, Communications and Imaging (ICI) Group of the ETIS Lab UMR 8051 and a Visiting Scholar at Princeton and Essex Universities. Her research spans the areas of wireless communications and wireless systems security for 5G / 6G, with a particular focus on physical layer security. She is a Senior IEEE Member, member of the IEEE INGR on Security and of the IEEE P1951.1 standardization workgroup (Smart Cities) and Chair of the IEEE Focus Group on Physical Layer Security.


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08 November 2021, 16h0017h00
Arsenia (Eris) Chorti