Multimedia, Indexing and Data Integration Group

The MIDI group works in the field of Big Data Management and Analytics, addressing topics that include integrating, mining, analyzing and querying large volumes of various types of data, ranging from structured and semi-structured data, to spatiotemporal data, text, image, video and 3D models. A particular emphasis is put on the design and use of Machine Learning techniques in contexts specific to data analysis and data processing problems, with a focus on the explainability and transparency of such algorithms. Applications include social media content and graph analytics, semantic web data integration and analysis, pattern detection in image, video and multimodal data, search engines for different types of data, knowledge extraction from data, data privacy, etc. The application domains are vast, such as cultural heritage, security, opinion mining, health, etc.


Research Areas

Responsible data science

Multimodal data integration and analytics

Distributed online deep learning

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