ETIS is a joint research department between CYU Cergy Paris University, ENSEA Graduate School of Electrical Engineering and CNRS/INS2I. The department is currently headed by Prof. Olivier Romain assisted by Dr. Veronica Belmega.

ETIS comprises four research groups whose research activities revolve around multimedia indexing and data integration (MIDI group), wireless communications and imaging (ICI), embedded systems (CELL group) and neurocybernetics (NEURO group).


  • 177 global staff (84 PhD students, 14 post-docs and 79 permanent positions)
  • 328 journals and conferences since 2015
  • 88 collaborative contracts since 2015
  • 30 patents
  • 3 chairs (Qwant, INEX)
  • 2 IUF distinctions
  • 1 spin off (Augmented Endoscopy)
  • > 20 projects (ANR, CNRS, FUI, ERC,…)
  • Data mining cultural heritage (Labex Patrima)
  • 3D reconstruction of Versailles with virtual visit
  • Early detection and diagnosis of pathologies
  • Berenson robot @ Musée du Quai Branly


  • Learning and optimization: Bioinspired cognitive modelling, Cognitive robotics, ML for computer vision, Green telecommunication systems, Information and game theory
  • Large scale smart processing: Data mining for social network, Cultural heritage sciences, life sciences and medicine , Distributed telecommunication network.
  • Smart Embedded Systems: Analog and digital electronics, Autonomous systems, Low foot print systems, Embedded systems for life science

Engineering Division

ETIS engineering division aims to better sharing expertise by developing projects of engineering as well as by practicing research technology transfer. Actions of the engineering division include: training and sharing of experiences in the form of open presentations to the entire laboratory and project support or development.


  • Robotex Platform: Tino Humanoid hydraulic robot
  • Berenson: Mobile Robot
  • Promethee: software for the development of artificial neural networks and robotic interfaces
  • RETIN: Platform for content search in multimedia da- tabases
  • Smart Embedded Systems for Healthcare Platform
  • MPSocRF: embedded intelligence
  • Cloud Computing platform

Latest publications

ETIS history

ETIS celebrates 40 years of research in image and signal processing...