Message of the director

Join the AI Revolution

The last two years have been tremendously rich in events for ETIS laboratory. We have built up a very strong roadmap for the upcoming five years, drawing on a global systemic approach around intelligent and communicating systems, providing a prominent role to the leading-edge theme of learning, while at the same time leveraging the skills of our four inner teams. Our roadmap also addresses complementary issues around AI, security, health, IoT and new mobilities. ETIS is thus focused on its disciplinary field, from fundamental issues to applications in response to societal transition challenges.

On several occasions our scientific excellence has stood out through collaborative projects (CPJ CNRS, PEPR, Equipex+, EUTOPIA, CY Initiative, Horizon Europe, ANR, DIM) and has been recognised through scientific events and awards. 2022 will also be the time where we link up with IPAL.

These excellent results are the fruit of our joint endeavour.

ETIS is involved in the AI revolution.

Join us !

Olivier Romain

Director of Etis