PU, ENSEA, CELL Group Leader

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01 30 73 62 79


Aymeric Histace is currently a Professeur des Universités at ENSEA, French graduated School of Engineering (Bac+5). He is Deputy Director of the School, and Head of Research, Innovation and Partnerships. Aymeric does research in Computer Vision, Signal and Image Processing in interaction with Natural Science, Engineering, Medicine, and Information Science at ETIS lab (UMR 8051, ENSEA, UCP, CNRS). He is head of the CELL team which activities is mostly dedicated to Smart, Reliable, and Reconfigurable Embedded Systems for various domains.

Research activities

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image and Signal Processing, Computer-Aided Diagnostic, Smart Embedded Systems, Biomedical and Medical Applications

Ongoing projects

The current flagship projects he is working on are Smart Videocoloscopy, INSECTS (Innovation for Automatic Recognition of Blood-Sucking Insects), M2-SKAN (Non-Invasive Micro-Vascular Network Segmentation for early diagnostic of Type II diabetes), and HYPER-EYE dedicated to Machine Learning for non conventional sensors (event-based camera).