Our 7 platforms

Each year, ETIS invests in technological platforms, which are used as much by researchers in the laboratories and students as by companies that need support or equipment to carry out tests, measurements, prototypes and experiments.

  • Scientific Computing Platforms,
  • Mobility and Robotics,
  • Smart Gait Plateform,
  • Smart Embedded System Platform,
  • Sound Perception Platform,
  • Digital data for heritage plateform,
  • Video capture platform.

These 7 platforms of expertise, are labelled by CYU, ENSEA and INS2I.

Scientific Computing Platforms

62 serveurs :

Data Vision

Scientific instruments
Engineering group

Mobility and Robotics

Smart Gait Platform

The Movement Workshop is a physical prototyping, testing and measurement facility dedicated to the multimodal analysis and characterisation of human movements or movements performed by cyber-physical systems. Its scope is mainly focused on the analysis of biomechanical parameters of activities, for the early detection of pathology in health and in the field of high level sport. It also contributes to the analysis and development of cyber-physical systems in robotics. 

This platform is positioned both on upstream issues concerning the prototyping of non-conventional vision solutions in order to address the challenges of today and tomorrow, but also on the very concrete issues of end-of-line users, whether they are companies or clinicians.

Smart Embedded System Platform

The SES platform is situated in the context of national initiatives on embedded intelligent systems (GDR SOC2 in particular) with a scope of application that is currently very focused on health.

This aspect makes it an original platform combining skills in electronics in the broadest sense but also in signal, image, computer vision, biology and medical specialities depending on the projects in progress. This hardware and research platform wishes to position itself both on the upstream issues of implanted and embedded intelligent systems for health in order to address the challenges of today and tomorrow, but also on the very concrete issues of end-of-line users, whether they are companies or clinicians.

At the national level, the SES platform is currently an integral part of the project to create a Scientific Interest Group on tissue/electrode interfaces (GIS POETIC), which brings together 8 laboratories in France, including the IMS (Bordeaux) and the LIRMM (Montpellier). In addition, it is the site dedicated to the SmartVideocolonoscopy project on the early detection of colorectal cancer using videocolonoscopy in collaboration with the APHP (Hôpital Saint Antoine). At the international level, the platform is part of a collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona on the theme of intelligent videocolonoscopy for the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer. In particular, this project has enabled the organisation since 2017 of three international challenges (MICCAI 2017, 2018 and 2021 conference) on this theme (GIANA). Finally, the SES platform is today also the vector of support for valorisation and technology transfer through the creation of start-ups.

Within the framework of a project supported by SATT ERGANEO since 2016, the platform has accompanied the birth of the company Augmented-Endoscopy spin off of the ETIS laboratory.

Sound Perception Platform

Flat equipped with an electro-acoustic system that allows the reproduction of any kind of indoor sound environment in the living room.

It is ideal for conducting sound experiments on the indoor comfort of dwellings, which may be due to the sound signature of the sources of the external sound environment (vehicles linked to road transport by rail or air, voices due to leisure activities, etc.), but also to the acoustic performance of the building. It could study multimodal interactions (visual, auditory and tactile) between a human (or several humans) and a robot in a reconstructed flat.

Digital data for heritage platform : from acquisition and processing to storage

Video Capture Platform

Support for research projects, subcontracting services for SMEs, a place dedicated to collaborative academic and industrial research projects in the field of imaging and visual capture