Gender Equality & Parity

Equality Parity missions

ETIS has established and is working on an action plan for promoting and supporting women in science and encouraging parity and diversity acceptance and respect among its members. 

We aim to: 

  • Raise awareness about parity problems in science-related professions, about biases, stereotypes, etc.
  • Promote a spirit of collaboration, respect and tolerance among its members.
  • Develop measures to encourage female students to continue in STEM related domains.
  • Accompany and support female researchers after a maternity leave
  • Reward and promote the work of female researchers.
  • Fight against sexual and sexist harrassement. 


  • The Equality-Parity Charter of the ETIS members, written  in French, English and Chinese.
  • The Femme Scientifiques d’ETIS (Women in Science at ETIS)  book, and video (to be delivered in October 2022).
  • Sharing information on relevant regulations and putting in contact with women safety and harassment fighting units.
  • Participation in events that aim to attract and inspire young girls in digital sciences (e.g., Femmes en Sciences organisé par AFNEUS, Fête de la Science).
  • Prioritizing young mothers’ applications for funding by Ecole Doctorale.
  • Communicating through emails, thematic posters,talks and seminars related metrics, articles, experiences, etc.
  • Organizing girls-only outings for the Master IISC-SIC students, and permanent and non permanent members of ETIS (e.g., to the theatrical play: La machine de Turing).
  • Establishing a PhD students’ mentorship program (work in progress).
  • Creating ETIS’ lab indicators by sharing a survey among its members (work in progress).

We want to heartily thank INS2I and CNRS for financially and practically supporting and inspiring the Equality-Parity actions in ETIS.

Chargée de mission: Katerina TZOMPANAKI, MCF en Informatique, CY Université