Hello ! newcommers

Internship contracts

All internship contracts are managed by Anthony Carqueijeiro at ENSEA. You should always start with him.

Access to the laboratory

For any duration of more than two months, please ask the secretariat (CYU) for a badge. This should be done as soon as the contract is signed to save time. You should also request an IZLY account for the university restaurant.

IT Service

Research account

Ask for a computer research account to Laurent Protois at ENSEA. You will have to sign the computer charter and declare your laptop if you intend to use it (type of system, antivirus, MAC identifier, etc.). This will give you an email address that you will have to consult regularly and access to various computer services detailed below.

Wiki and git account

Team wiki It contains information about the activity and organisation of the team, it is accessible with the git account. Access to git Either you already have a UCP account (usually if you were a teacher or student at UCP) or you can create one. You will then have to ask your manager to add you in the neurocyber group.

Free workshop

For access to the workshop equipment and tools, you will have to print and sign the trainees’ charter. It commits you to put the tools away every day and allows you to keep a record of the borrowed equipment to return it at the end of the course.