Modelling of Learning


Our group pushes forward embodiment and bio-inspiration toward cognitive and social robots, autonomous and embodied AI. We investigate biological models for human-level cognition and interact with developmental psychologists and neuroscientists.

Cognitive and Bio-inspired AI&Robotics

Our research is organized around five themes: BRAIN modeling, AUTONOMOUS control, COGnitive robotics, HEALTH robot caregiver and modeling, BODY bio-inspiration for robotics & AI.

Our group currently comprises 14 permanent members, 1 postdoctoral fellow and 13 PhD students.

News and upcoming events of our team

  • Guest researcher Dr. Julia Ive (Queen Mary University, UK) visits our team (04-19 June 2024). She will present her work on natural language processing and generative AI on Thursday June 13th at 11 a.m.
  • LASSO platform – exploring the role of soundscapes in shaping the environment.  Collaborative project between the CY Cergy Paris Univrsity and Gustave Eiffel University.
  • Chimin Oh (Go instructor and international player, Seoul National University)  is giving a seminar entitled “8 Years After the Victory of AlphaGo: Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in the Posthuman Baduk Community“, 28 March 2024.
  • New article by Ghiles Mostafaoui (“Quand des robots humanoïdes permettent de mieux comprendre les patients schizophrènes”, ) in the symposium “IA et Santé mentale” (Science et Avenir) & interview video.
  • Juliette Lavander is joining our team as part of the ANR NIRVANA project to build the bird robot.

Open Jobs /PhD / Internships at NEUROCYBER team

  • No open positions at the moment


Current projects

Towards characterising and extending the operating domain of autonomous vehicles: a neurorobotic approach

  • Supervisors: O. Romain, N. Cuperlier (S. Pechberti/VEDECOM)
  • Funding: phD Student M. Thabet

MPNAVvisual  neurorobotic architecture for the control of an autonomous vehicle

  • Funding: Engineer Damien Frechou

Sensorimotor integration of variability during the learning of birdsong

  • PI: Sébastien Derégnaucourt (Ethologie Cognition Développement laboratory
  • Project member at ETIS: Alexandre Pitti and Sofiane Boucenna
  • Other Partners: PRC CNRS NLECD, Neuro_PSI and LS2N laboratories

Autism, a robot to encourage and develop skills

  • PI: Sofiane Boucenna
  • Other Partners:  David Cohen (APHP, Pitié Salpêtrière), Mohamed Chetaouni (Sorbonne universtité, ISIR), Charline Grossard (Université de Lorraine) and Annie Gentes (CY ecole de design).


  • Supervisors: P. Gaussier, N. Cuperlier
    Funding: PhD student Aëlien Moubèc

Computational modelling of language learning in robots: the development of meaning potentials in social and emotional contexts

  • Supervisors:  Lola Cañamero, Laura Cohen
  • Co-host team: Ann Nowé ( Vrije Universiteit Brussel VUB) 
  • Funding: PhD student Z. Lemhaouri

Hybrid Neural Networks: combining artificial and spiking neural networks to enhance life-long continuous learning in autonomous agents and robots

  • Funding Postodoc Fellow: Dr. Cristian Jimenez-Romero
  • Primary supervisor: Thanos Manos
  • Co-host team: Yulia Timofeeva & Hongkai Wen (University of Warwick, UK)
  • Project collaborators at NEUROCYBER team: Mathias Quoy, Nicolas Cuperlier, Philippe Gaussier
  • Brazilian PIs: Vitor Nascimento (USP), Cintia Borges Margi (USP), Rodrigo C. Delamare (PUC-Rio)

Slow and low dimensional dynamics in the brain

  • PI: Alessandro Torcini (LTPM)
  • Project members at ETIS: Thanos Manos & Mathias Quoy
  • Other partners: G. Mongilllo, A. Ferrara (Institut de la Vision, Paris), A. Bacci, A. Aguirre and J. Zorrilla de San Martin (Institut du Cerveau, Paris), S. Olmi (Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi CNR (Sesto Fiorentino, Italy), F. Tixidre (LPTM)
  • Funding: PhD candidate Alejandro Calleja Carballosa (LPTM)


  • PI: B. Cotterau (Cerco) and Robby Tan (NUS)
  • Project member at ETIS: Nicolas Cuperlier
  • Funding: PhD Student Geoffroy Keime (co-supervised with B. Cottereau)

Leveraging neurocomputational models to extract the intracerebral conduction velocity as a novel non-invasive marker of information processing speed in multiple sclerosis

  • Partners: CY Cergy Paris University, France and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.
  • Supervisors: Thanos Manos (ETIS) & Van.Schependom (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • Funding: PhD student Gaia Zin
  • PI: Stéphane Raffard (Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3)
  • Project member at ETIS: Ghiles Mostafaoui
  • Other partners:  les laboratoires Euromov (Ludovic Marin), Epsylone (Stephane Raffard) et l’ISIR (Catherine Pelachaud), ainsi que le CHU de Montpellier
  • Funding: PhD student Quitterie Pilon (co-supervised with C. Pelachaud),Tifenn Fauviaux

Embodied intelligence in robotic arms: leveraging human-inspired morphology for intra- and interpersonal coordination

  • Primary supervisor: Ghiles Mostafaoui
  • Co-host team: Tom Verstraten (Vrije Universiteit Brussel VUB)
  • Funding: PhD student Maxime Marchal

Neural network structure, onset and propagation of epileptic seizures

  • Partners: CY Cergy Paris University, France and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.
  • Supervisors: Thanos Manos, Mathias Quoy (ETIS) & Yulia Timofeeva (University of Warwick)
  • Funding: PhD student Juliette Courson

Bio-inspired algorithms for robotic control (Cobot)

  • PI: Philippe Gaussier
    – with the startup Robocolle
  • Funding: Engineern Mingda Ju

Embodied intelligence in robotic arms: leveraging human-inspired morphology for intra- and interpersonal coordinationepileptic seizures

  • Partners: CY Cergy Paris University, France and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.
  • Primary supervisor: :Ghiles Mostafaoui
  • Co-host team: Tom Verstraten (Vrije Universiteit Brussel VUB)
    2022-2026:ANR Project Enhancer 
  • Funding: PhD student Engineern Mingda Ju

Research areas


Neural architectures and brain models


Developmental, cognitive, affective / social robotics


Autonomous control for robots, drones and vehicles


HMI and models of physical and mental health conditions


Embodied, soft and bio-inspired robotics

The other ETIS teams

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Smart Embedded Systems

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