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Laura Cohen is maître de conférences in ETIS. She obtained her PhD in 2015 from Sorbonne Université (ISIR) under the supervision of Prof. S. Régnier and Prof. M. Chetouani in natural interfaces for micromanipulation in virtual reality. She was a PostDoc in Prof. A. Billard’s lab (LASA) at EPFL on the AlterEgo H2020 European project on human-robot social interaction applied to new therapies for patients with social deficits. She is now with the NEURO team in ETIS, where she continues her research on human-machine interaction, cognitive modelling, developmental robotics and machine learning. She is particularly interested in topics such as language, communication and symbols acquisition in infants and robots (EUTOPIA-cotutelle and SOBA-INS2I projects) and in understanding how intention impacts movement kinematics in social contexts.

Thématiques de recherche

  • Cognitive modelling
  • Developmental robotics
  • Language and communication acquisition
  • Intention recognition
  • Machine learning

Projets en cours

Projet SOBA (INS2I-CNRS) : This project focuses on language learning in robots as a tool to reach a goal
Projet EUTOPIA-PhD Cotutelle : In collaboration with Prof. Lola Cañamero (ETIS) and Prof. Ann Nowé (VUB, Belgium), the goal of this project is to develop the social function of language in robots by including a model of emotions in our language-learning system. A PhD student (Zakaria Lemhaouri) is funded on this project.