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01 30 73 66 10


I did my PHD with the robotics laboratory of LAAS on the automatic control of electronic components by image processing and shape recognition. Then, I joined ENSEA and the ETIS laboratory where I worked on denoising and multi-scale detection of contours in color images and in 3D reconstruction by stereovision. I have also worked with different INRAE ​​research centers (Grignon, Dijon, Avignon) on the 3D reconstruction of different types of soil by stereovision as well as on the recognition and classification of weeds in 2D and 3D in corn fields from color or multispectral images. Currently, I am interested in virtual and augmented realities.

Research activities

  • Traitement d’images couleur
  • Traitements d’images et vision par ordinateur en lien avec l’INRAE
  • Réalités Virtuelle et Augmentée