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Son Vu is currently an associate professor at ETIS lab – CY Cergy Paris University, ENSEA, CNRS. Previously, he was a postdoctoral researcher at Liris/Insa de Lyon and Gipsa-lab, Grenoble, France. He received his PhD from Grenoble-INP in 2010. His research interests are computer vision and deep learning. He received two Best paper awards on these topics (IEEEE CBMI 2016 and IEEE IJCB 2011).

Research activities

  • Computer Vision (action recognition, visual tracking)
  • Deep Learning
  • Biometric facial analysis (face recognition, face antispoofing, deepfake detection)

Ongoing projects

INEX Deep4Detection,
ANRT & IDEMIA, Deep semi-supervised learning for Anti-spoofing,
EUTOPIA & UL, SADFake Self-supervised Anomaly Detection for deepFake spotting,
CIREX & PMU, DUMOTs Deep Unsupervised learning for real-time Multi-Object Tracking in sports