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Professor emeritus

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CY Cergy Paris University

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Dominique Laurent received his doctoral degree in 1987 and his Habilitation degree in 1994 from the University of Orléans (France). He was Assistant Professor in the University of Orléans (1988-1996), and then, Professor in the University of Tours (France) (1996-2003). In 2003-2015, he was Professor at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (former CY Cergy Paris Unibersity), where he is currently appointed as Professor emeritus. In this university, he lead the Department of Computer Science (2003-2010), and then the Doctoral School of Sciences and Engineering (2010-2015). In 2018-2020, he was referee for Scientific Integrity at the university.

He is a member of the CNRS research laboratory ETIS, group MIDI.

Research activities

His research interests include database theory, information systems, deductive databases, data mining, OLAP, and data warehousing.

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