PhD Candidate

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PhD candidate in Dependability and Cybersecurity of Cyber-Physical Systems in a  thesis is co-funded by CY University and the company Apsys. The goal of my PhD thesis is to pave the way to a safety and security co-engineering approach considering the interactions between accidental and malicious events.
I am also an engineer specialized in dependability and industrial engineering, graduated from the engineering school Polytech Angers.

Research Activities

  • Dependability
  • Cybersecurity
  • Safety
  • Formal language

Ongoing Projects

PhD Thesis summary:
Failures of safety-critical embedded systems used in industries such as aeronautics, automotive, railway or nuclear can lead to catastrophic consequences. These complex
systems, also known as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), also have to deal with cyber-attacks, which cause serious dysfunctions and undermine the security of such systems. The
relationships between security and safety are thus at the heart of the current concerns of specialists in the field of complex embedded systems. In fact, one can no longer consider designing safe systems without ensuring they also secured. A vulnerability may compromise the functional safety of an autonomous car; on the other hand, a safety
constraint such as the introduction of redundant components or diagnostic ports can increase the attack surface of such a system.

To study the links between safety and security, our proposal builds upon the idea of extending a formal language dedicated to the safety analysis of complex systems, in order to model and verify security properties. This is a “secured by design” approach, as it operates right from the design phase of the system, which, we believe, will reduce the development costs and prevent future errors.