New Horizon Europe research projects

The ETIS ICI team is involved in 3 new “Horizon Europe” founded research projects.

Horizon Europe SNS Stream B Project ROBUST-6G, Coordinator: ERICSSON, TK

  • Principal investigator for ETIS: A. Chorti, Leader WP5
  • ETIS Co-Investigators: L. Chen, L. Luzzi, S. Berri

Partners: ENSEA, CYU, Telefonica, Thales, Nextworks, Axon, Gohm, Linköping University, Chalmers, Eurecom, University of Murcia, University of Padova, University College Dublin

Duration: 30 months

ETIS will lead research on physical layer security for 6G, trustwortiness, privacy and resilience for 6G systems.

Horizon Europe COST Action Project 6G-PHYSEC, Coordinator: Barkhausen Insitut DE

  • Principal Investigator for ETIS: A. Chorti, proposed for Grant Holder position
  • ETIS Co-Investigators: L. Luzzi

Partners: 50+ international partners from academia and industry

Duration: 36 months

This project aims at the inctroduction of physical layer security solutions in 6G wireless.

Horizon Europe Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions-European Commission Staff Exchange, Project TRACE-V2X

  • Coordinator: ETIS L. Chen
  • ETIS co-investigators: A. Chorti, S. Berri

Partners: ETIS (FR), BJTU (CN), WHU (CN), UTM (MY), UOL (UK) and USurrey (UK).

Duration: 36 months

Connectivity, Security and Privacy over V2X Communication research in EU, UK, China and Malaysia in the next four years.

More on the ENSEA website.

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