LÉGER Delphine

PhD Candidate

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CY École de Design


PhD Candidate & Designer

Thesis title: Organisations’ transitions towards sustainable ecosystems : transition design as a theoretical and methodological frame.


Research activities

This thesis proposes to examine the practices of design that are used in transitions processes in organisations. We wish to identify how these practices enter complex systems. We assume that organisations’ transitions processes towards sustainability depend on the stakeholders’ capacity of visualising the systems they are part of and want to evolve towards.

Therefore we propose to compare sustainability challenges visualisation and tangibilisation devices and methods and their practices inside organisations. From this analytic comparison, we will be able to understand the properties of these devices, to identify design spaces in order to develop and test new devices that will allow us to elaborate common visions of present and future desired states. This will allow us to accompany mindset and posture changes, and will enable us to support transition strategies. These devices are artefacts to raise awareness, to teach and broadcast knowledge at an individual or systemic level, around which we can reinforce or create a community that is mobilised around a common vision of transitions.