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Giulia Marcocchia holds a PhD in Innovation Management from TelecomParisTech, and has led national and international research projects for i3, Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (UMR 9217) attached to the CRG Management Research Center, the Ecole Polytechnique France, for Strate Ecole de Design France, and CAMI, Ca’ Foscari, Italy.

Her experience as a teacher and instructional engineer includes first-year courses at the executive level in innovation management, organization theory, design management, strategy by design, value network design, platform design and design methodologies. At CY Ecole de Design, she is responsible for the Understanding and Integrating Human Organizations module for the M1 and M2, and she teaches the ecosystem approach and organizational design.

Her research focuses on the co-creation process between stakeholders in the exploration of the unknown towards the emergence of an innovation ecosystem, with a particular focus on sustainable transitions through digital technologies. She studies the processes and the means to realize them: documents, communication situations, technologies and intermediate design objects.

Before dedicating himself to research, educational engineering and teaching, Giulia was in charge of defining and deploying strategies in the international automotive industry.

Research activities

  • Emergence of innovation ecosystems
  • Media and alignment process for transition design

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