First CNRS thematic school on Bioelectonics (December 13-17th 2021)

11 November 2021 par syd rey [TheChamp-Sharing]
ETIS organises the first CNRS thematic school on Bioelectronics (December 13 to 17th 2021). 
This school contributes to federate of a community in bioelectronics by showing researchers the full spectrum of technologies related to the discipline and exemplifying its highly multidisciplinary character. Bioelectronics helps designing, producing and implementing devices at the interface between electronics and the biological environment. It is the first link between the living things and electronics. Bioelectronics makes it possible to monitor living phenomena in real time and/or to continuously reproduce biological events in situ. It is a highly disciplinary field and calls upon several disciplinary fields and scientific communities (biology, materials, adaptable microelectronics, electronic systems, flexible architectures, information processing). These devices need to be adapted to the targeted applications (in-vitro in-vivo) as well as to the types of cells and biological and physiological phenomena involved. Some examples are: phenotype differentiation, cancer or cell evolution, recording of electrical activities of cells (cardiomyocyte, neurons, etc.) or reproduction of model structures to study a healthy or pathological target physiological structure.

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