Smart RF-NOC

To meet the constraints related to the emergence of new standards in communications systems (ICT, security, defense, space, …), new RF devices or architectures are study and design in this research activity.

Systems (or circuits) in the field of radio frequencies must now meet new constraints related to the increase in frequency (e.g. the transition from 4G to 5G or even 6G), energy consumption, the emergence of new technologies and the miniaturization of equipment. These constraints need to study original solutions from signal requirements to low footprint implementation.

Thus, the activities range from the design of circuits (low noise and power amplifiers, mixers, …) to the study of “front-end” RF architectures. The improvement of the efficiency of power amplifiers is an ever-present problem. In the article [1], a solution for a specific architecture has been realized. In the framework of the WinoCod project, a new interconnection method based on RF transistors has been proposed

Technological platform for RF Circuits characterization

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[2] M.Hamieh, S. Quintanel,M. Ariaudo, Y. Louët, “A new interconnect method for radio frequency intra-chip communications using transistors-based distributed access”, Microwave and optical technology letters, vol 61, issue2, p. 297-302, 2019.